September 1, 2020

With a product as multi-featured and rapidly evolving as Syndeia, the integrated MBE/MBSE platform from Intercax, there are always a lot of questions from potential users. On the Intercax website, we have a set of Frequently Asked Questions with our best answers to address this. The questions fall into several categories: About the product itself

August 25, 2020

Everyone’s talking about Digital Transformation, but what exactly are the deliverables? At Intercax, we see many ways that the Digital Thread created by Syndeia can deliver for organizations doing complex development. Figure 1 Syndeia Deliverables for the System Development Team Sharing Information & Model Transform Selective sharing of both data and models between disciplines and

August 24, 2020

Intercax has made its entire Syndeia documentation package available online in Confluence, not only for license holders, but for anyone who wants to learn more about Syndeia and how it can build the Digital Thread. With the release of version 3.3 on July 30, it has been extensively revised, with over 80% new and updated

August 21, 2020

Describing Syndeia from Intercax quickly and clearly becomes more challenging with each new release. It is both an extensive set of point-to-point integrations between engineering software tools and a means for analyzing, visualizing and documenting all the connections between them, the Digital Thread. In a new video, we offer a whirlwind introduction to Syndeia as

August 19, 2020

Syndeia 3.3, released 7/31/20, extends capabilities in three important areas: Syndeia Cloud Web Interface New Tool Interfaces User-Defined Mappings with Relationships In a new video, we offer a quick introduction to these new features. Syndeia Cloud has transitioned to a robust micro-services-based enterprise architecture that supports more of Syndeia’s functionality, including the connection database and

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