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Find Syndeia 3.1 demonstrations here

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Syndeia 3.1

Syndeia 3.1 for MagicDraw (No Magic)


Syndeia 3.1 for Rational Rhapsody (IBM)

Syndeia 3.1 for Stateflow (MathWorks)


Syndeia 3.1 and Graph Queries


Syndeia 3.0

Syndeia 3.0 Introduction


Syndeia 3.0 Visualization


Syndeia 3.0 and JIRA

Syndeia 3.0 and DOORS NG

Syndeia Demo at Continuous Engineering for the IoT Summit 2016 


Syndeia UAV Demo OMG Mtg Chicago (2016-09-13)


Syndeia MBSE++ Demo


Syndeia 2.0

Syndeia 2.0 for MagicDraw


Syndeia 2.0 for IBM Rhapsody