SysML & MBSE Training

Intercax is an experienced provider of comprehensive training programs for professionals wanting to learn the latest about model-based engineering (MBE) in general and model-based systems engineering in particular (MBSE). Over 4500 professionals including system engineers, technical managers, group leaders, and domain experts have attended our on-site training programs, offered in collaboration with the Georgia Institute of Technology, since Aug 2008.

The courses are offered in self-paced, online and on-site formats. See also the Georgia-Tech-sponsored off-site open enrollment classes.

The instructors are subject matter experts who have been involved in the development of the OMG SysML standard since the beginning, co-authored the OCSMP certification program, served as leaders in multiple INCOSE and OMG initiatives, and conducted leading-edge R&D to develop advanced software applications for SysML and MBE / MBSE.

Self-Paced Video SysML Training for MBE/MBSE


Intercax is offering an introductory self-paced video course for learning the OMG SysML modeling language for Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE). It uses a combination of lectures, student tutorial exercises and on-line quizzes.

Course Purpose

  • to introduce new users to SysML language terminology and notation
  • to introduce the concepts of MBE and how MBE, MBSE and SysML may be deployed as part of the overall system development and engineering process

Course Content – the program is divided into 10 parts

  • Part 1 – Introduction
  • Part 2 – Blocks and Block Definition Diagrams
  • Part 3 – Starting a Model – Packages and Use Cases
  • Part 4 – Requirements and Sequence Diagrams
  • Part 5 – Analysis – Parametric Diagrams
  • Part 6 – Activities and Activity Diagrams
  • Part 7 – Internal Block Diagrams
  • Part 8 – State Machines and Advanced Interactions
  • Part 9 – Interoperability
  • Part 10 – Deploying MBSE and Model Review

Each module is designed to take 2-4 hours to complete, but the student sets the pace. . The video modules for Part 1 are available for customer evaluation on request.

For each part, we provide

  • A video lecture
  • A digital copy of the lecture slides

For most parts, we also provide

  • Starter models for the hands-on exercises
  • Final models for the hands-on exercises
  • Video demonstrations for the hands-on exercises
  • Digital files of step-by-step exercise instructions

For each module, we also provide an on-line quiz to test the student’s mastery of the material.  Immediate scoring is available.

OCSMP Certification Exams

This class is not specifically designed as preparation for the OMG Certified System Modeling Professional (OCSMP) examinations, but the course material corresponds very closely with the coverage maps for Levels 1 and 2 certifications and would be a useful part of exam preparation.

Computer and Software Resources Required

Student is responsible for obtaining licenses (may be temporary) of MagicDraw with SysML and ParaMagic plug-ins for the hands-on tutorial exercises. Intercax will facilitate in obtaining trial licenses of the software. Student will also need video playback software for MPEG4 files and a web connection for the on-line quizzes.


Videos and other course materials are copyrighted and solely for use by the designated student and may not be distributed or placed on-line for general availability.  The student may have use of the course materials indefinitely, but the on-line quizzes may not be available for longer than six months from course purchase.


Please contact for training to jumpstart your SysML and MBE/MBSE experience. The video modules for Part 1 are available for customer evaluation on request.

On-Line SysML Training for MBE/MBSE

This option provides all the material included in the Self-Paced Video SysML Training package described above, but supplemented with live lectures provided in a remote format by Intercax instructors. Students would have the ability to ask questions and review their modeling exercises.

The lecture periods are typically five 2-hour periods, one per week, at times to be agreed. Class size limits are 5 persons minimum, 12 persons maximum.

Training for Intercax Software Tools

Intercax provides extensive training materials for all our software tools.  For Syndeia licensees, a modularized self-paced training package with video demonstrations and hands-on tutorials is available.  Parametric solvers (ParaMagic, Melody, Solvea and ParaSolver) come with extensive hands-on tutorials.


Read testimonials from past attendees.


Email for course information.

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