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sysmlIntercax and Georgia Tech offer a comprehensive SysML training program for professionals wanting to learn the latest about model-based engineering (MBE) in general and model-based systems engineering in particular (MBSE). This program covers the OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional (OCSMP) certification. Over 3500 professionals including system engineers, technical managers, group leaders, and domain experts have attended our training program since Aug 2008.

The instructors are subject matter experts who have been involved in the development of the OMG SysML standard since the beginning, co-authored the OCSMP certification program, serving as leaders in multiple INCOSE and OMG initiatives, and conducting leading-edge R&D and developing advanced software applications for SysML and MBE / MBSE.

The courses are offered in onsite, offsite, and online modes. Contact us to schedule onsite and online offerings.

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  • Manas Bajaj, PhD – OCSMP Author
  • Russell Peak, PhD – OCSMP Author
  • Dirk Zwemer, PhD – OCSMP Model Builder Advanced


SysML 101 : Essentials for Understanding SysML Models

SysML 101 covers all nine SysML diagram types in a quick and easy-to-learn format. A consistent system modeling example is presented throughout the course to better learn how SysML concepts and diagrams work together. We cover these concepts in a tool-independent manner with a focus on how to interpret SysML models.

Duration – 1 day in onsite and offsite modes, and 8 hrs over multiple sessions in online mode


  • Learn about the value of SysML for MBE/MBSE
  • Recognize the various types of SysML diagrams and understand their fundamental constructs
  • Apply this knowledge in your day-to-day work
  • Describe how SysML fits with related MBE/MBSE technologies (CAD/E/M, PLM, DoDAF/UPDM, UML)
  • Describe how SysML supports systems engineering processes, and what you can do with a SysML model
  • Discover the benefits and costs of a SysML-based MBE/MBSE approach
  • Create a plan to deploy SysML technology in your organization

SysML 201 : Hands-On Essentials for Creating SysML Models

SysML 201 is a hands-on course where participants learn to implement SysML concepts using a representative tool. These skills are reinforced by doing useful things with your SysML models—not just building them for the sake of documentation. For example, exercises include (i) employing SysML parametrics to perform calculations on system properties, verify requirements, and run trade studies, and (ii) utilizing SysML activities to operate a mobile robot during a team-based competition. Participants work through structured tutorial modules in class to jumpstart and expand their SysML model creation know-how.

Duration – 2.5 days in onsite and offsite modes, and 18 hrs over multiple sessions in online mode


  • Create models in a SysML tool that include the diagrams and constructs learned in SysML 101
  • Develop SysML activity models that are executable (e.g., to operate a system)
  • Construct SysML models that contain calculations and execute parametric simulations
  • Verify system requirements (e.g., based on simulation results)
  • Auto-generate traceability matrices
  • Perform trade studies
  • Generate documents automatically from system models
  • Collaboratively develop SysML models using a configuration management environment
  • Learn the benefits of implementing SysML in a modeling environment versus a drawing tool

SysML 105 : Model User Concept and OCSMP Exam Preparation

This course builds on the concepts presented in SysML 101 to prepare candidates for the OCSMP Model User certification exam. The course includes a refresher of SysML constructs on all 9 types of SysML diagrams, in-class quizzes, and a 90-minute online practice exam.

Duration – Five (5) online sessions plus one (1) 90-minute practice exam


  • Refresh concepts covered in SysML 101 – learn to interpret constructs on all 9 types of SysML diagrams
  • Take in-class quizzes and
  • Learn about OCSMP test-taking strategies
  • Take a 90-min online practice exam (similar to the real exam)
  • Sharpen and extend the SysML concepts to daily work applications

To prepare for OCSMP Model Builder levels (Fundamental, Intermediate, and Advanced), enroll in our SysML 201 course. Additional courses with quizzes and practice exams for these levels are in-development and will be launched later this year.

Customized SysML and MBSE Training for your organization

We also offer SysML and MBSE training programs that are especially tailored for your organization. These training programs are an essential first step towards transitioning your organization / group to model-based systems engineering. As next steps, we also offer hands-on coaching and consulting to develop a MBSE environment, methodology, and processes for your organization including custom software application development for system engineering workflows.

Registration and Delivery Modes


The courses are offered at your site. Contact us for details and pricing.


The courses are offered at US locations in an open enrollment mode. The next offerings for SysML 101 and 201 (back to back) are listed below.

  • Schedule in preparation for 2014. Contact us for details.

Group discounts are available. Register for SysML 101 and 201 using the links below.


The courses are offered via live web sessions. Register for SysML 105 using the link below. Contact us for enrolling in SysML 101 and SysML 201.

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