Syndeia 3.1 Webinar

June 3, 2017

We are announcing a public webinar on Syndeia 3.1, the latest release of our Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE / MBE) platform.

MBSE seeks to create a digital system model distributed over multiple software tools and data repositories, allowing users to find, access and share system data across the engineering process.

In the webinar, we will provide:

  1. A brief overview of Syndeia
  2. A demonstration of the new interfaces supported in Syndeia 3.1, including Jama (Jama Software) for system requirements and Stateflow (The Mathworks) for modeling system behavior
  3. A discussion of infrastructure improvements inside Syndeia, including an independent back-end database, and graph query languages as a means of exploring the total system model.


June 14, 2017, 1:00 pm EDT (UTC 1700).


Register for the webinar hereWe will send out a calendar invite with GoToMeeting details.

About the presenter:

Dr. Dirk Zwemer, President of Intercax LLC, is a frequent instructor and consultant to organizations adopting best practices in MBSE/MBE, as well as a Level 4 Model Builder – Advanced OMG Certified Modeling Professional.

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Ambarish Ganesh

Marketing and Communications Lead, Intercax

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