October 3, 2018

Just as testing is an important part of the system development, the test software package is an important part of the project software architecture. In our example, test management is handled by TestRail (Gurock Software GMBH). The general schema for TestRail is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 TestRail intra-model connectivity and schema A Test

September 27, 2018

Having initiated the requirements management process, the systems engineering team frequently moves on to a functional architecture of the system.  For our AV, the top-level “classifier” behavior has been captured in the simple state machine in Figure 1. The Initiation state involves the passenger entering a destination and the AV calculating an optimal route, before

September 25, 2018

In Part 2 of our blog series on MBSE for Autonomous Vehicles, we used a set of requirements based on DOT guidelines (“Automated Driving System 2.0: A Vision for Safety”, September 2017) and managed in a Jama Connect repository (Jama Software). Using Syndeia, this requirements model was transformed into a SysML model with connections linking

September 20, 2018

Few other systems have the potential for significant social impact as autonomous or driverless vehicles. They are expected to change Employment opportunities, as truck, bus and taxi drivers take other roles Urban land use patterns, as parking garages and roadways are reconfigured and repurposed Health and safety, as traffic accidents due to distracted and impaired

September 11, 2018

The careful modeling of the system described in the first four parts of this series requires a great deal of effort by multiple contributors, but one of the benefits is that it enables us to investigate the security vulnerabilities of the system in a complete and systematic fashion. FMEA stands for Failure Mode Effect and