March 31, 2016

InterCAX and Georgia Tech collaborate to provide a lot of MBSE and SysML training.  After the introductory course on SysML language, new modelers are inclined to ask, “What next?” They are looking for guidance on how to start using modeling for their own work.  They want a process, a methodology, even a template, and these

December 20, 2015
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MySQL (Oracle) databases are widely used in the engineering world to store libraries of components that may be used across many diverse projects. This information is very useful for system engineers composing system architecture models (e.g. in SysML) from reusable building block library elements. A simple import of data is not enough to ensure that values of

November 12, 2015
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Excel tables are small, inexpensive databases that are easy to modify for small teams of engineers, and which may contain libraries of components or tables of functions. Many engineering projects utilize tables in Excel that contain much of the same information that is needed by system engineers to model structure and interconnections in SysML. However,

July 7, 2015

Modern engineering uses computer models. A model is a simplified representation of a real object or system that captures some limited aspect of it. For example, a CAD model captures its geometry, a simulation model its behavior, and so on. The most effective models combine a graphical representation, which humans can see and understand, with