A New Season for MBE!

In springtime, a young SE’s thoughts turn to Model-Based Engineering. Atlanta is abloom with dogwoods, azaleas and all the other beautiful plants that mark the new season and we’re excited at how many new efforts to adopt MBE are springing up. We’re constantly hearing from new groups starting pilot studies and tool evaluations, from big government to small start-ups.
Europe and Asia are more active than we’ve ever seen them. We will be working to meet the rising demand, starting with the second quarter release of Syndeia 3.0. We also have a packed schedule for new blog posts and technotes. The series on the IoT Smart Home is now complete (see below) and the models are available for download. The SysML-Simulink series continues and a new series, Applications of MBE to Healthcare, has just started. After these, look for a stream of announcements about the new features and interfaces in Syndeia 3.0.
INCOSE International Symposium 2016

If you’re in Edinburgh in July for the IS, look for our paper, MBSE++ — Foundations for Extended Model-Based Systems Engineering Across System Lifecycle, to be presented by our Chief Systems Officer, Dr. Manas Bajaj. You will have another chance to hear him at the Model Lifecycle Management panel session, where some of the most creative thinkers in the field will be presenting their visions of the future of MBSE.
Applications of MBE to Healthcare

Healthcare, in the US and globally, faces a challenge: how to offer a broader range of preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic services to a greater number of consumers without a proportionate increase in cost or decline in quality. Systems Engineering can help address this challenge, but only if we accept that healthcare involves a wide range of disciplines and specialized modeling tools.
Inspired by the INCOSE Healthcare Working Group, and the strong session they put together at the 2016 International Workshop, Intercax has published a whitepaper describing a number of examples where emerging approaches to Model-Based Engineering (MBE) are applied (download link). The first blog post sets the stage for healthcare as a system of systems.
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Modeling the Internet of Things (IoT) with Syndeia 2.0 [Part 5 and SysML models]

The final installments of this series have been published, along with the SysML models in MagicDraw and Enterprise Architect. Part 4 changed the focus from the Smart Home in isolation to its role in a larger system, a Smart Electrical Grid. The object-oriented nature of SysML modeling facilitates using these models in building larger models, here a parametric model calculating cost savings from consumption shifting with the availability of power pricing information.
IoT Smart Home Part 5 demonstrates how connecting new tools supports our modeling mission. CAD models of the home structure provide direct access to room volume values that are used in the HVAC calculations. We also show how Syndeia transforms the complex Internal Block Diagram for the Four Room Configuration in Part 3 into a Simulink block structure that can be the start of higher fidelity simulation that remains connected to the Total System Model.
Intercax has also made the model itself available for download as both MagicDraw .mdzip and Enterprise Architect .eap files for modelers interested in the finer details of the model organization.
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Introduction to Syndeia

Can you spare 3 minutes to learn about the next generation of systems engineering? Check out the video. It envisions a world where PLM/ALM, CAD, simulation and requirements connect, orchestrated by a system architecture model that serves as a blueprint for the entire system. Syndeia™ from Intercax is a software platform that can make any or all of this happen.
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Syndeia and Simulink

Modeling and Simulation need to work together, but too often are pulling in opposite directions. In the past, many organizations had to choose SysML or Simulink (The MathWorks, Inc.) because using both required constant careful attention to keep the models aligned. Syndeia can handle that job, allowing each model to show its strengths while maintaining overall model integrity. In Part 1 of a series of technotes, a first set of use cases starts with SysML block and activity structures and generates Simulink model reference structures, including single-signal and bus ports.
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Connecting SysML Models with Excel Tables and Beyond!

Many engineering projects utilize tables in Excel that contain the same information that system engineers need for modeling structure and interconnections in SysML. Syndeia makes it possible to connect the two for compare/sync operations.
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Story of Sam – Syndeia for MBSE of Configurable UAV (Demo)

Watch how Sam uses Syndeia to develop a next-generation configurable UAV platform using SysML, PLM, CAD, and Simulation. This is a presentation from the Tool Vendor Challenge at the MBSE workshop at INCOSE IW 2015.
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