Syndeia 3.0 breaks new ground for
Model-Based Engineering

Syndeia 3.0 in 4 minutes (click to play video)

Syndeia is Intercax’s solution for Model-Based Engineering (MBE/MBSE), creating and managing a network of active connections between engineering models. Our objective is to build an effective total system model in a multi-vendor distributed engineering environment. Introduced in 2014, Syndeia was the first product to connect SysML models with PLM, CAD, simulation and database repositories in a single, standards-based platform.
Syndeia 3.0 introduces some new tool interfaces for its MagicDraw and Rhapsody plug-ins:
bullet DOORS NG (OSLC), requirements management and systems engineering;
bullet GitHub, Git-based software configuration and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM); and
bullet JIRA, agile project management and issue tracking system
In addition, existing interfaces to Teamcenter, Windchill, NX, Creo, Simulink, MySQL and Excel have been improved and expanded.
New tool interfaces are not the whole story. Practical MBE is driven by use cases, what working engineers can accomplish with those interfaces. Intercax has always focused on implementing specific, high impact use cases for its customers. General functionalities include:
bullet SEARCH models and repositories for key elements
bullet CONNECT these to related SysML elements
bullet ACCESS these elements via the connection in their native tool or web interfaces
bullet TRANSFORM a model in one tool into another, keeping their corresponding elements connected
bullet COMPARE elements across connections as the models evolve
bullet UPDATE contents and structure of connected models (bi-directionally)
In Syndeia 3.0, we introduce an important new functionality, VISUALIZE. As we build system models spread over multiple models and repositories, we need to be able to see those networks, both globally and locally.

Figure 1 Global visualization

Figure 2 Local Visualization

A global visualization, like Figure 1, shows many, even all, of the model connections, showing what models are connected, how dense are the connections, and how these factors change over time. A local visualization, like Figure 2, allows users to trace individual connections, expanding the network as they wish to follow specific chains across multiple tools.
Contact us to learn more about our long-term MBE/MBSE vision:
bullet Viewing the system model from any point in the engineering environment
bullet Creating powerful query engines for identifying critical relationships
bullet Customizing the platform for user-generated applications
Email us at syndeia@intercax.com to get a free 30-day evaluation license, schedule a webinar for your organization, or learn more.

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