An Exciting New Year in Store!

With the holidays over, the INCOSE International Workshop was packed with engineers eager to learn more about MBSE. We enjoyed catching up with our many friends and partners who have been leading the charge. At Intercax, we’re now back at work completing the new innovations to be released with Syndeia 3.0 in the Spring. We have a full calendar of blog posts, tech notes and white papers planned, completing our SmartHome IoT series and beginning new multipart series on Syndeia and Simulink, and MBSE for Biomedical/Healthcare applications. Look for more “how-to” videos posted for Syndeia and our parametric solvers, as well as new alternatives for MBSE/SysML training!
Introduction to Syndeia

Can you spare 3 minutes to learn about the next generation of systems engineering? Check out the video. Like Intercax, the video focuses on real use cases, not technology for its own sake. It describes a realistic world with engineering software tools from multiple vendors, with product data spread out across multiple repositories, and with extended supply chains intent on both sharing and protecting their data. It envisions a world where PLM/ALM, CAD, simulation and requirements connect, orchestrated by a system architecture model that serves as a blueprint for the entire system. Where engineers and managers anywhere in the process can trace the threads tying their work to everything that affects it and everything affected by it. Syndeia™ from Intercax is a software platform that can make any or all of this happen.
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Modeling the Internet of Things (IoT) with Syndeia 2.0

The Internet-of-Things holds enormous promise of new capabilities for users and new opportunities for businesses. It also presents enormous challenges to systems engineers. Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) provides an efficient way to address those challenges.

Smart Home Part 3 takes the reference architecture developed in the first two parts, applies it to a specific multi-room configuration, and applies SysML parametrics to evaluate both cost and energy savings. Using Intercax products Syndeia and ParaMagic, the example demonstrates both the descriptive and analytical power of MBSE in the IoT realm. Subsequent sections will describe linking the local IoT system-of-systems to larger domains.
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Syndeia and Simulink

Modeling and Simulation need to work together, but too often are pulling in opposite directions. In the past, many organizations had to choose SysML or Simulink (The MathWorks, Inc) because using both required constant careful attention to keep the models aligned. Syndeia can handle that job, allowing each model to show its strengths while maintain overall model integrity.

In Part 1 of a series of technotes, a first set of use cases starts with SysML block and activity structures and generates Simulink model reference structures, including single-signal and bus ports. Models with blocks from a SysML version of the Simulink library create executable Simulink models right out of the gate. Inconsistencies between the system architecture model (SysML) or Simulink model can be tracked and reported using Syndeia. Later technotes will reverse the process.
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Connecting SysML models with PLM and MySQL

Our product demonstration videos for the Syndeia 2.0 plug-ins for MagicDraw and Rhapsody have been updated. See how to build SysML part structures from models in PTC Windchill and Siemens Teamcenter, or, reversing the process, seed a PLM bill-of materials from a SysML conceptual design. Compare and synch the models as they progress. Bring catalog parts from a MySQL database into the SysML model, and compare and synch all the models as the project progresses.
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MySQL Databases with SysML models and rollups

Syndeia enables system engineers to search, drag-n-drop, and compose SysML architecture models from libraries of parts, functions, and other things in databases. Alternatively, start/add to a database library directly from SysML. Track versions and update bi-directionally using compare and sync.
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Connecting SysML Models with Excel Tables and Beyond!

Many engineering projects utilize tables in Excel that contain the same information system engineers need to model structure and interconnections in SysML. Syndeia makes it possible to connect the two for compare/sync operations.
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Story of Sam – Syndeia for MBSE of Configurable UAV (Demo)

Watch how Sam uses Syndeia to develop next-generation configurable UAV platform using SysML, PLM, CAD, and Simulation. This is a presentation from the Tool Vendor Challenge at the MBSE workshop at INCOSE IW 2015.
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