Happy Holidays! Thanks for a great year

We wish you happy holidays and a new year of exciting possibilities. With your support and partnership, we had a path-breaking 2015. Syndeia 2.0 brought revolutionary capabilities to MBSE, combining system architecture (SysML) with PLM, CAD, data, and simulations. Our team is now working hard to wow you with Syndeia 3.0 next year. We rolled out a new website, monthly newsletter, blog, and social media streams to share innovative and exciting applications of MBE/MBSE with you. Thank you once again!
MBSE for Smart Home Internet of Things (IoT) system

The Internet-of-Things holds enormous promise of new capabilities for users and new opportunities for businesses. It also presents enormous challenges to systems engineers. Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) provides an efficient way to address those challenges.

In a continuing series of technotes, we describe an MBSE process for designing a Smart Home, going from requirements specification to functional design to structural reference architecture, adding parametric modeling for cost and power consumption, and linking to models of different types and scales, including CAD models of the home, time-varying simulation models, and larger system-of-system models, e.g. the Smart Grid for electrical power.

This example uses SysML as a foundation, with Intercax products Syndeia and ParaMagic to extend MBSE across engineering domains. New additions to the series will be published over the next two months.
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Modeling The Martian

The Martian by Andrew Weir (2014) is a great read and now a hit movie. The astronaut hero and the expert SysML modeler have several things in common. First, they have the ability to take a complex system and adapt and reuse its components to new purposes. Second, they both do careful calculations of system performance against requirements, a life-or-death matter in The Martian.

These similarities make the story a fertile (and fun) subject for SysML modeling with parametrics. In the interest of saving future astronauts the need to reinvent the lessons learned for the Ares 3 mission, we have published a technote describing how to use SysML models to explore two scenarios from the book.
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MySQL Databases with SysML models and rollups

Syndeia enables system engineers to search, drag-n-drop, and compose SysML architecture models from libraries of parts, functions, and other things in databases. Alternatively, start/add to a database library directly from SysML. Track versions and update bi-directionally using compare and sync.
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Connecting SysML Models with Excel Tables and Beyond!

Many engineering projects utilize tables in Excel that contain the same information system engineers need to model structure and interconnections in SysML. Syndeia makes it possible to connect the two for compare/sync operations.
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Story of Sam – Syndeia for MBSE of Configurable UAV (Demo)

Watch how Sam uses Syndeia to develop next-generation configurable UAV platform using SysML, PLM, CAD, and Simulation. This is a presentation from the Tool Vendor Challenge at the MBSE workshop at INCOSE IW 2015.
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